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EM Multi Ferment with Manuka honey

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EM Multi Ferment with Manuka honey

In our modern world, characterized by stress, unhealthy diets and environmental pollution, concern for personal well-being is becoming increasingly important. The EM Multi Ferment dietary supplement with Manuka Honey MGO 500 offers an innovative way to have a positive influence on your own health. This product uniquely combines valuable components that together aim to increase general well-being and support body functions.

The unique production: EM Multi Ferment meets Manuka honey

EM Multi Ferment is known for its lively effective microorganisms that promote the intestinal flora and thus strengthen the immune system. Manuka honey , specifically with a methylglyoxal (MGO) content of 500, brings its own unique benefits. This MGO is created through a natural process in the bees' digestive tract and is effective against certain types of bacteria. The combination of EM Multi Ferment and the powerful Manuka honey creates a basis for improved personal well-being.

Features and Benefits

The EM Multi Ferment dietary supplement with Manuka Honey MGO 500 offers numerous advantages:

  • Promotes intestinal health : With 32 live bacterial strains, it supports the diversity and health of the intestinal flora.
  • Histamine friendly : does not produce histamine
  • Natural quality : All ingredients come from controlled organic cultivation, and the sugar from Manuka honey is almost completely broken down by the effective microorganisms.

Importance for digestion

The gastrointestinal system is critical to our health by breaking down and absorbing nutrients and forming an essential part of the immune system. EM Multi Ferment with Manuka Honey helps to increase the body's efficiency and protect against pathogens and allergy-causing food ingredients.


EM Multi Ferment with Manuka Honey MGO 500 is much more than a conventional dietary supplement. It represents a holistic approach to promoting well-being by combining the unique benefits of effective microorganisms with those of Manuka honey. Given the diverse challenges our health faces every day, this product offers valuable support to anyone looking for a natural way to improve their quality of life.

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